American Idol Recap: Top 13 Week (Michael Jackson)

Well, kiddos, we’re back to the kind of Idol I know and love… except not because stupid Kara is here. I hate her. Anyway, it’s Michael Jackson week and that’s a big glove to fill.

This week’s panel is me, Katie, Eric, and Married Brother. Amy’s DVR shut down and Mike lost big in Vegas and is still licking his wounds. As always, full commentary is below the fold.


Bottom (4): Anoop Desai, Scott MacIntyre, Alison Iraheta, and Jorge Nunez
Going Home: Anoop Desai and Scott MacIntyre
Best of the Night: Adam Lambert


Bottom 3: “you could bet on any of the brown people as sure fire people to go home” = Anoop Desai, Jasmine Murray, Jorge Nunez (and “even Lil Rounds was kinda underwhelming”)
Going Home: Jorge and Jasmine
Best of the Night: Adam Lambert (with Matt Giraud and Kris Allen as the other tops)

Married Brother

Bottom 3: Jorge Nunez, Anoop Desai, Jasmine Murray
Best of the Night: Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, and Alexis Grace


Bottom 3: Frankly Anoop Desai should be in the bottom 3, but he has a major voting base so I’m going to go Jorge Nunez, Jasmine Murray, and Megan Corkrey.
Going Home: Jorge and Jasmine
Best of the Night: I’d love to say Matt Giraud’s sweet take on “Human Nature” won out, but I’m going to say Adam Lambert. He was in his element with MJ.

Lil Rounds sang “The Way You Make Me Feel” and, frankly, girlfriend should not wear white pants. Eric says “white jeans, big butt, bright lights = blinding.” I was unimpressed. Simon hates the outfit and says it was a lazy song choice. Not sure I know what that means, but I think I agree.

Scott MacIntyre picked “Keep the Faith,” which was a smart song choice from a message standpoint and nicely sums up my problem with him. His high notes were horrific and he was pitchy the whole way through. Eric “can’t watch his face without laughing” and was not okay with the pitch problems: “c’mon dude, you are supposed to have super human hearing.” Kara thinks he has a great message, but THAT’S NOT WHAT THIS SHOW IS ABOUT!!!

Danny Gokey goes with “PYT” and has a rough start, but was really engaging and was the first performance of his that I kind of liked. Paula has already announced he’s going to the finals, which doesn’t mean much because she said the same thing about two others last night. Married Brother thought “Gokey was great until came off as a crazy Christian. Their house was like the Van Trapps and Flanders from the Simpsons. Are they all so happy all the time? I’m surprised they didn’t break into ‘Spoon full of sugar'”

Michael Sarver chose “You Are Not Alone” which might just be one of the lamest songs of all time. Although as Eric pointed out, “Sarver is a cornball so this song fits him.” Katie enjoyed our sexy roughneck cornball: “I really wasn’t bored. I thought it was precious, and not in a condescending way, but rather a I-might-buy-that-song-on-iTunes kind of way.” Simon says he clearly tried hard and Kara says he brought his A game… but I don’t know if Sarver’s A game is enough on this show.

Jasmine Murray sings “I’ll Be There” and while she’s cute, but not cute enough to be here. She’s off pitch/out of her league/I don’t want to hear her. Randy tells us he worked with Mariah. Paula says it was shaky (in so many words). Simon says it was a good attempt, but big notes are always going to trouble her. He thinks she needs to lighten up. Simon says one more time: “ACT YOUR AGE… ” = think Rihanna like they’ve been telling you since you auditioned!!!

Kris Allen picked “Remember the Time” and really needs a personality to go with his super hotness. Also his wife is GORGEOUS. He has a great voice and the most personality we’ve seen in a while; I definitely liked him with the guitar. Katie agrees about the guitar: “I’m biased a bit, because I love this song. At first, I thought the guitar might take away from the song, but it kind of worked. It was like John Mayer meets Motown.” Simon thinks he should have kept the wife hidden… and is right as usual.

Allison Iraheta does a gruff take on “Give In To Me” which I think this is a misstep in terms of song choice. It’s too rocker on a night of pop and r&b. Simon says it was good, but she needs to lighten up a bit. Agree. Married Brother says “I like her though, she’s a normal kid growing up in the city.”

Anoop Desai chose “Beat It” which is what I’d like to say to his eyebrows. You can’t do any better than MJ on this one. Simon says horrible. Randy says “wrong choice and very karaoke.” Katie was distracted by Anoop’s outfit: “Am I the only one who thinks you can’t really look tough when you’re wearing a white button-down shirt and a tie? You can put a “cool” jacket on over it, but dude, you are still wearing a tie. That’s not a tie kind of song.”

Jorge Nunez ironically sings “Never Say Goodbye” on what will probably be his last night. In one of the better pop culture comparisons of all time, Eric asked “is this the same kid who was the illegitimate kid of ben Stiller in Meet the Fockers?” Good call! I thought he was a total dud. Randy doesn’t like the song choice… and neither does Kara. In the best exchange of the night, Jorge said “I mean, I wasn’t going to sing Bad by Michael Jackson” and Simon replied, “well, you kind of did.”

Megan Corkrey’s take on “Rockin’ Robin” was painful. And to make it worse she made bird sounds (“caw, caw”) while flapping her arms at the end. The judges were not nearly as mean as I thought they should be. I guess some people find her charming? One of those people is Katie, who admits “I don’t want to like her… but I couldn’t stop smiling when she was singing and I think I would love to listen to that song in the car on a sunny day. I agree with Simon that the performance was awkward, but I liked the sound.”

Adam Lambert went with “Black or White” which is a good call. America wants to be reminded about equality after those pictures of you at Burning Man. Michael Jackson is much better for his style than the Rolling Stones, but he still scares me. Eric thinks, “he’ll need to switch it up one of these weeks and do something slower and softer.” Paula says he’s going to the finals. Simon says it was a totally different league and I have to agree, as does Katie. She says, “A real rocker, a real performer.” Married Brother says that Lambert’s good, but too fake, “He’s too LA.” Married Brother claims if “his persona were more Bret Michaels than Freddie Mercury, I could get into him.”

Matt Giraud’s “Human Nature” blows Scott’s piano playing out of the water. It was fan-tas-tic. Randy thought it was a really good performance, Kara says “you are a talented guy,” Paula says “talented, sexy, amazing, authentic, I’m blown away,” but Simon was not quite as impressed saying “really good, meat & potatoes, good solid performance.”

Alexis Grace sang “Dirty Diana” dressed like a hooker. She’s wailing and has some pitch problems, but pretty much rocked it. If she sang like that on a street corner, she’d get a lot of cash. Simon says it was over the top and not as good as she thought.



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4 responses to “American Idol Recap: Top 13 Week (Michael Jackson)

  1. First off, what happened to your love for Kara? When did you flip-flop on her?

    (For the record, she’s not as cool as I thought she was at first, either).

    And, although Puerto Rico’s not that big, you don’t think the island, along with a lot of the Puerto Rican denizenship in the U.S. will help Jorge move on?

    Matt was the best of the night… Randy said he was Robin Thicke-like/Justin Timberlake-like. I thought he was more reminiscent of Jon B. in that performance. But no one knows any white R&B singers outside of Robin Thicke or Justin Timberlake.

    Also, the more he sings, the more Scott proves he’s not really that good.

  2. Eric

    Why would you want Jasmine to get beat up by Chris Brown? Too early?

  3. bebbysue

    As you know from previous posts, I’m a fan of Matt Giraud.

    The first five-sixths of the song last night were utterly fantastic!!! This is the kind of stuff I love hearing on the radio….as do many others.

    As for the last sixth of the performance, my advice to Matt would be to stay away from the really HIGH STUFF. It isn’t worth the gamble.

    I hope Matt reads this. But in the event that he doesn’t, I saw a USA-Today blogspot that basically said the same thing. So surely he read that….and will take those words into account.

    This guy has a fantastic, easy-listening voice that is far, far, far from dull and boring.

    Good luck to Matt.

    I hope you make it through tonight. I’m taping the show and will watch it tomorrow sometime.

  4. Josh — My problem with Kara is more with the “fourth judge” than with Kara specifically. Four judges is too many and I HATE rotating the order they speak in. I want Randy’s “molten hot lava bombs,” Paula’s crazy, and Simon’s… everything. In that order. As a result, every time Kara opens her mouth, I have to say to myself… is that really adding any value? I mean, Randy’s a total dud, but he’s Randy. Kara just sucks… last night she told Adam Lambert, “you hit notes I didn’t even know existed” and I found myself screaming “really Kara? You didn’t know that those notes existed? Please. Just shut up.”

    Eric — Too soon for most people, but I chuckled…

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