Important Announcement re: Reading Lists!

So typically I post two to three “Republican Reading Lists” each week as a means to indoctrinate my many, many liberal friends way to share the articles and blog posts that I personally have found interesting that week.

Going forward, I’ll actually be posting a daily “Conservative Reading List” at the American Issues Project, which has a fantastic new blog.

You can read today’s here OR you can just wait and know that I’ll still post my top picks about twice a week here.¬† Basically, if you wanted more, then go to AIP and if you were already skipping over anything I posted that contained the words “Republican” or “conservative,” then this doesn’t affect you too much.


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One response to “Important Announcement re: Reading Lists!

  1. Thanks for linking to the new group blog, Karen. We’re so glad to have you as part of our team and we’re looking forward to all your reading recommendations.

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