American Idol Quote of the Day

Full Idol thoughts will come later today, BUT anyone who saw last night’s performance was probably just as fantastically let down by Matt Giraud as I was.  As a preview, here’s Mike’s take on Matt:

I think the reason he’s more comfortable behind a piano is that it hides the fact that he pisses his pants in front of an audience. Dueling piano player is the community organizer of professions for 2009.

Fingers crossed they give Matt another chance during the wild card round.  He deserves it, even if it didn’t show last night.



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2 responses to “American Idol Quote of the Day

  1. bebbysue

    I still voted for Matt last night many times.

    Yes, it was a disappointing performance, but this guy did great on Hollywood week and I have heard one of his CD’s.

    This wonderful performer is being judged on one bad outing. And that’s unfortunate.

    I feel that this new Idol format totally wreaks. For there is no doubt in my mind that if only the bottom one (or even two) was going out–Matt would remain in the competition and get another chance.

    Unfortunately this one performance (when he was probably nervous as could be) will probably send him home for good.

    I hope not, but that is what I look to see happen.

    And when he’s gone….I’m gone too. (At least where the voting and caring is concerned). If I miss an episode of AI it will be absolutely no big deal. (And that’s coming from someone who has yet to miss an episode since the Season 4 Top 12 began).


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