Brief thoughts on a long speech

Honestly, I was disheartened simply because I disagreed with so much of what President Obama was saying tonight.

Will Wilkinson said it much better on the Cato* live blog:

Oratorywise, so good. Ideawise, so weak. Combination, so dangerous.

Jindal followed up and did… okay.  He sounded like he was teaching 10 year olds, but 10 year olds will be voting in 2016, so no major problem with that ;-)  He had a tough job: how do you follow up an oratorically-gifted President speaking to a joint session of Congress?  It definitely reads better than it was delivered:

To solve our current problems, Washington must lead. But the way to lead is not to raise taxes and put more money and power in hands of Washington politicians. The way to lead is by empowering you – the American people.

*By the way, Tucker Carlson’s going to Cato, which I’m pretty excited about!


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