Allow me to make your day

In an effort to respond to Jesse’s post on Benjamin Button special effects (and, incidentally, also beg for TED tickets), I dug up this photograph of super sexy Brad Pitt in Benjamin Button:

So basically, if you were still awake and watching by the time Benjamin Button reached the “super hot” age, you got to enjoy this special treat.

And if you didn’t make it and enjoy hot men eye candy, then, let me suggest you watch Friday Night Lights, where in one hour you can enjoy Tim Riggins, Coach Taylor, Matt Saracen, and a few other reasonably handsome men (as well as Landry and Buddy).



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3 responses to “Allow me to make your day

  1. During that scene, my friend and I looked at each other and said, “It’s almost a cliche how handsome Brad Pitt is.”

  2. You mean the Calvin Klein commercial that was about 20 minutes of that movie? Loved it. Almost made me consider getting Thom a motorcycle just so he could do that. Except he’d never look like that. Sigh.

    Also, sometimes I wish FNL wasn’t so damn depressing so I could just enjoy Tim Riggins et al in a more pure way.

  3. Elena

    I forget which review of the movie I read said this – but it was point on how this movie showed you the value of a movie star. That anyone couldn’t have been Benjamin Button. One of the fun aspects of the movie is being prompted to remember Brad Pitt used to look like. It wouldn’t have worked as well if it starred someone who was hot but we didn’t remember as a hot 18-25 year old (e.g., Clive Owen).

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