Looks like I might become a Giants fan

Elena: okay you are the only person who might appreciate this
so we had a safety named gibril wilson
but he went to the raiders
and they cut him
so there’s talk of the giants resigning him
then we have a safety kenny phillips who we drafted last year
so if we resign wilson then our starting safeties will be…
me: Hold On
can’t even deal
Elena: you would become an automatic giants fan
me: I would and I don’t even know what a safety is
Elena: and could be like “well it’s the tandem of wilson phillips that really convinced me”
me: ha!
Elena: and people would be like that’s interesting
me: yes!
and maybe they wouldn’t think i was a total football loser
Elena: exactly


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One response to “Looks like I might become a Giants fan

  1. Eric

    So kind of random, but sometimes (usually when I’m drunk), I leave myself notes on my cellphone. Sometimes I know what they mean the next morning, but most times I don’t. So fun fact…for the last 2 years I’ve had a note on my cellphone that read “hold on wilson philhpes.” Now I finally know what it means. Thanks.

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