American Idol thoughts I can get behind

Disgusted by the Idol producers’ disgusting display of affection for Danny “Exploitative and Not-Very-Talented Widower” Gokey?

Watch this week’s Idolatry (try and start watching at the 2:00 mark, although the first 2 minutes include an appearance by Michael Johns).  Seriously, Kristen Baldwin’s thoughts on Gokey echo my own internal dialogue perfectly.

Entertainment Weekly also has their own ranking of the top 20 and puts my beloved Matt Giraud at #2 and Anoop’s #1.



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3 responses to “American Idol thoughts I can get behind

  1. Joe

    Danny Gokey seems like a solid guy, aside from the fact that he’s a great singer

  2. bebbysue

    I look for Matt to make it to the Top 12 either by vote or by wildcard.

    The piano man will start winning over fans left and right….and I look for him to take it all. And I’m not even from Michigan and I don’t know the guy personally. But he has impressed me tremendously with the little that I have seen.

    I’m already Gokey’d out. He’s good, but I just can’t imagine buying his album.

  3. bebbysue

    Here’s hoping that Matt Giraud makes it through this week.

    If that comedian guy (Nick, Norman….I forget) or that Nate crying guy (who will be in Group 3) make it through and Matt doesn’t I may just be “through” with Idol for the season.

    I DO NOT like this new format of voting. If a person has a good solid performance and comes in #5 of 12…..then in all likelihood they are TOAST.

    Sometimes we don’t get a liking for some of these folks until we’ve seen them for a while.

    Fortunately…..I am already hooked on Matt. I wish him the best tonight and for the rest of the American Idol season.

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