Why I shouldn’t be allowed behind the wheel

It’s honestly not that I’m a bad driver, it’s just that I’m an anxiety-ridden driver.  It really gets the best of me every time.  Furthermore, I don’t need to drive anymore.  I live in New York City so I don’t need to.

Anyway, I’m home this week and was reminded why I should remain a non-driver for life.

While driving the 35-minute trip from one friend’s house to another, I kept thinking that my lights were off, but I couldn’t tell… don’t ask, but in my defense, it’s hard to tell when you’re on a highway.

While driving on 476, this one car kept flashing its high beams at me, which for some reason, I thought was a gang sign.  I feel like I read at one point that that’s how gangs single to someone that they’re about to get shot in a drive by.  So I very quickly get off at the next exit and the loop back onto 476 South.

It was literally not until I arrived at my destination (after 45 minutes thanks to my detour) that I realized there were no lights at all shining on the car in front of me in the driveway.

So… yeah.  That was my night.


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