Republican Reading List (actually more libertarian this week…)

Still a little stimu-focused, but then again, so is the news, so DEAL with it:

  1. Ken Kurson praises capitalism and Milton Friedman
  2. Will Wilkinson assesses the politics “hidden” in Paul Krugman’s apolitical economics
  3. Newt Gingrich offers 12 American Solutions for Jobs & Prosperity
  4. John B. Taylor explains how the government (and not the banks) caused the financial crisis
  5. Bobby Jindal thinks Republicans only have themselves to blame (no need to click through, important quote below):

“The country fired us from our congressional majority in 2006. Why? The country didn’t stop being conservative. The Republican Party did,” Jindal told a gathering of Arkansas Republicans. “We became what we came to Washington to change — the party of earmarks and government spending. The party needs to stop worrying about what to do to fix itself. Let’s worry more about fixing our country. Then the party will fix itself.”


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