Joe Torre is Captain Obvious

So I’ve tried to not think too much about Joe Torre’s tell-all book because, frankly, I don’t want to know all.  I just want the Yankees to win.  And maybe win without spending a sum of money that makes me gag and makes other teams contemplate surrendering before the season starts.

That said, there have been some gems that have come out of Torre’s press tour.  My personal favorite is Joe’s reflection on the infamous Roger Clemens-throwing-part-of-a-bat-at-Mike Piazza-during-Game 2-of-the-World Series:

During a radio interview Tuesday afternoon on WFAN, Torre was asked whether he believed that Clemens’s bat toss was an instance of “roid rage.”“I didn’t necessarily tie the two together,” Torre said. “But in retrospect with everything that’s going on, it could very well have been.”

Interesting… thanks for the insight, Joe.


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