Hey NFL, you just lost a non-fan!

So the NFL has taken down all online videos of Jennifer Hudson singing the National Anthem (including the one I shared earlier) “due to a copyright claim.”

Now, it turns out that while the song is in the public domain, a performance can be copyrighted… but if that’s the case, why not make a non-YouTube/non-shareable version of the song available perhaps on NBC.com, Hulu.com, or NFL.com?  Right now, NFL.com makes a video of Kurt Warner visiting the Biggest Loser available and Hulu has all of the Super Bowl ads, but there’s no legal way to obtain a video of the National Anthem.  Really?

Anyway, if you missed it, I’m sorry.  I’m further sorry that the NFL is so unpatriotic that they can’t share a spectacular version of our National Anthem with the American people.

I’m so glad it’s baseball season…

UPDATE: The number of errors that were in this original post were kind of crazy, I didn’t type half of what I meant to say originally.  Anyway, they’ve been fixed, and yes, thank you, Mike, for pointing out the copyright claim in the first place.



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3 responses to “Hey NFL, you just lost a non-fan!

  1. mdbirdlover

    The NFL can be so over-the-top ridiculous with their power!
    Glad I caught this on your blog while tag surfing.

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