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What’s funnier than old Jews telling jokes?

The jokes aren’t great, but the delivery is amusing.


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Republican Reading List (Stimulus Special!)

Smart people discuss stupid stimulus — and the new administration:

  1. Eric Cantor wants to fix the stimulus
  2. Peggy Noonan on the partisan stimulus
  3. George Will explains how the GOP should measure the stimulus
  4. Rush Limbaugh has a bipartisan stimulus proposal
  5. Karl Rove thinks the Obama White House is already crowded
  6. Charles Krauthammer says Obama has been distorting America’s stance on Muslims

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Meat Digest

People LOVE to share articles about bacon and sausage with me…

  • The Bacon Explosion: a bacon and sausage roll.  Thank you Betsy, Kristen, Aidan, and another four or five people for sharing!

Bacon in da’ club

gettin’ greasy up in hurr

bringing sizzle back.

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MAJOR Idol Spoiler Alert!

Click here to see the top 36!

There are some surprises on the list…

(Also, this week’s recap is coming, I’m traveling and lazy)

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I actually might really benefit from this

Seriously, the Hipster Pod would really help me for subway rides, because someone always seems to check out my iPod screen when I’m rocking out to something like this:

Incidentally, while watching that Rockapella video, I realized that a few of them (maybe all, couldn’t tell) are married.  This means that there are women (maybe men) in the world who actually have to utter the phrase “What does my husband do?  Oh, yeah, he’s in Rockapella.”  Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

(Hipster Pod video via The Daily What)

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Well, it’s definitely stimulating personal nausea

Here’s what’s hidden inside the stimulus package, courtesy of the American Issues Project:

-$335 million on domestic HIV/ AIDS, viral hepatitis, sexually-transmitted diseases, and tuberculosis prevention programs
Even if this was relevant to stimulating economic growth, let’s not forget that the Center for Disease Control has spent previous federal funding on such events as a transgender beauty pageant.

-$600 million to double funding to pay doctors and nurses employed by the National Health Services Corps
The bill plainly states that ‘a key component of attaining universal health care reform will be ensuring the supply of primary health care providers family medicine, internal medicine, pediatricians, dentists, and nurses.’ There’s nothing hidden about the agenda there. And again, how does that stimulate the economy?

-$20 billion for health information technology “to jumpstart efforts to computerize health records”
This brings up too many privacy concerns to discuss in one post–but it also suggests that in no way is this a short-term spending proposal. This money will “jumpstart” a money pit.

-$1.1 billion to HHS to study “comparative effectiveness,” $400 million of which can be used at former Sen. Daschle’s discretion
The short version: This money allows a committee of political appointees to decide if various medications and treatments are effective. Americans don’t need politicians making those decisions.

-$200 million for the National Mall and $44 million for repairs to the exterior of the Agriculture Dept. headquarters
Obama’s press secretary defended the proposed Mall landscaping spending in a press conference yesterday. The video is available here.

-$650 million for digital TV coupons

-$600 million for new cars for the federal government

-$6 billion for colleges and universities, many of which have hearty endowments already

$4 billion (or more) for ACORN

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What’s cuter than a baby giraffe? Not much.

Look, its smiling!

Look, it's smiling!

I die.

To quote Rachel Zoe: "I die."

Giraffe kisses!

Giraffe kisses!

So run off to San Francisco Zoo and check it out in person!

(Via ZooBorns)

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