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Sandra Lee’s Kwanzaa Cake: this time with VIDEO

So BuzzFeed picked up on Sandra Lee’s terrible Kwanzaa cake that I complained about in February.  However, they have video!!!

I’m still nauseous.


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Much like eating at JG Melon’s in the first place, I’ve put off presenting the Unterekkie.

Also, I don’t have photoshop on my Mac and I don’t have access to my work PC because… ummm… I don’t work anymore.

So here we go.  For it’s high quality pub burger with awesome sauteed onions (and for Mike’s hijacking my Unterekkie People’s Choice Voting with inflammatory emails), JG Melon’s hereby wins the 2008 People’s Choice Unterekkie.  Here is the cheeseburger receiving it’s award:


JG Melon’s joins Barbara as an Unterekkie winner and will forever more be held in high esteem by this blog and all its readers.

And to all you Unterekkie hopefuls, maybe 2009 will be your year!

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The fam listened to A LOT of Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack this vacation

Great movie.  Killer soundtrack.

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Short, but Important: Republican Reading List

I think there is some essential reading this time around:

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If my kid looked like that, I’d probably toss it too…


(Via Bits&Pieces)

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I saw this on The Corner and threw up a little in my mouth

Courtesy of Michael Kaiser from the Kennedy Center:

While government bailouts are being offered or considered for financial institutions, the auto industry, homeowners, and so many other needy and worthy sectors, one group is quickly and rather quietly falling apart: our nation’s arts organizations. … We need an emergency grant for arts organizations in America, and we need legislation that allows unusual access to endowments. Washington must encourage foundations to increase their spending rates during this crisis, and we need immediate tax breaks for corporate giving. … As we print billions of dollars in bailout money, isn’t it time to ensure that we are saving our soul as well as our economy.

Oddly enough, based on a conversation I had with my mother earlier today, I’m pretty sure she agrees with him.

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