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File this under “a picture’s worth a thousand words”


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Okay, normally, I’m not into the Anne Geddes crap, but…

To quote Rachel Zoe, I die.

21 others at BWE!

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Happy Halloween from the Boss

Bruce posted this video for “A Night with the Jersey Devil” today and included a free audio download.

No better way to celebrate one of my least favorite holidays!

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OMG! Little Newton is already too cute for words!

Today, Married Brother texted me the heartbeat of Little Newton.  (I’m calling it Little Newton because this week he/she’s supposedly the size of a fig!)

He/she sounds strong and loud and healthy.  So, here’s your Friday music tribute to Little Newton:

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Amy, a latent Phillies fan, decided to send a too-cool-for-school celebratory email today

Whatevs, here’s a pic from the parade:

So fine… go Phillies.

In Yankees news, apparently, we’re contemplating $80MM for 4 years of Manny.  Vomit.  Also, A-Rod flew off in a helicopter with Madonna to spend 4 hours with Jerry Seinfeld.  Double vomit.  I feel like someone told me that A-Rod used to hire tranny prostitutes… which seems pretty consistent with dating Madonna.

In Rays news, looks the Rays are going to be around for a while.  Which I would hope and expect from a team with such amazing and young pitching.

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Upcoming Entertainment

Something you should be excited about and something you shouldn’t:



  • Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant are teaming up for a new movie with potentially the worst plot EVER.  They “would star as an estranged high-powered New York couple who witness a murder and are placed in a witness-protection program in a small Wyoming town.”  Ummm… no thanks.

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I love the Economist almost as much as I love pizza

The Economist is putting pie charts on pizza boxes in the Philadelphia area.

Genius.  Seriously.

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