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Mini Republican Reading/Watching List: I’m going to sleep so much better tonight


Hugh Hewitt’s interview with Sarah Palin.  

Goodbye Sarah Palin of the disastrous Katie Couric interview and hello Sarah Palin who I wanted to be best friends with in the first place.



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Infomercial schadenfreude!

(Thanks, Andy!)

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Can I get an “Amen” from the teenagers?

So this movie, Sunday School Musical is coming out and Popwrap very nicely offers an early review calling it a poor man’s Sister Act 2.

I’ve praised Sister Act 2 here before, but I had to take this opportunity to show you all the grand finale again.


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Web 2.losers and Dating

Unterekless: i’m such a web 2.loser


Alan: it’s cute

Alan: besides, i’m sure you don’t get an average of 350 twitter updates a day on your iphone, incessantly checking it instead of chatting with your date

Alan: i’ve been on a date with someone who in fact, DOES do this

Unterekless: weird

Unterekless: did she twitter your date?

Unterekless: “OMG, Alan is soooooooooo cute”

Unterekless: “OMG, Alan ordered the cobb salad”

Unterekless: “@TwitterDork22: he’s wearing cords!!!!”

Alan: HA OMG that would have been the tops

Alan: i would never wear cords

Alan: she put it down when we had sex, thank GOD

Alan: “@TwitterDork22, Oh. My. God. Like. That.”

Unterekless: ha!

Unterekless: i thought hipsters wore cords

Alan: confusing us with hipppppppies

Alan: two different dirty portions of the population

Unterekless: oh

Unterekless: related at all?

Alan: um, are pigs and pigeons related?

Alan: they’re both dirty

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“In fact, I once had a romantic rendez-vous with your biological mother…”

So this is pretty much the best thing ever… freestyle rap battle translated as a high school debate.

(Via joshlos)

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Don’t watch while you’re eating


I made the mistake of clicking on this link on Drudge while I was enjoying my Ted’s Montana Grill chicken fingers (Lydia’s such an enabler…)

Honestly one of the creepiest things I’ve seen.


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The Daily Show proves, once again, that the best comedy is reality

Senior citizens in Florida discuss the election, the debate, and Michelle Obama’s tuchus.


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