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Whoa! Real journalists don’t like bloggers!

Bob Costas says that there are a number of blogs where “the quality is poor and the tone is abusive” which I’m assuming is not talking about me.

That said, Buzz Bissinger takes on Will Leitch and it’s… ummm… intense?


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This is extremely disturbing

…and I’m not sure which is worse — these women who “mommy” their husbands or the namby-pamby men they marry:

She picks out his clothes before they go out, styles his hair, makes his lunches complete with “I love you” notes inside) and takes it upon herself to apply the toothpaste before handing him his toothbrush each night.

Goodness. Who are these people?

(Thanks to Lydia for the find!)

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JDB Countdown!

I’m seeing Josh Dion Band on Friday night! Here they are performing my second favorite song of theirs… but they’re SOOOOOOOOO much better live.

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I think this is BEAUTIFUL

…but I can’t make the video embed.

You should watch it though and get goosebumps!

(Also, Jimi Westbrook is super hot. And married a gorgeous brunette named Karen.)

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Idol Predictions

Okay, I’m thinking:

  • Jason & Brooke are the bottom two.
  • Jason goes home.

BUT, Archu-average is not doing so hot. Why would anyone try and sing “Sweet Caroline” well? That’s one of the best drunken singalong songs of all times… which means it’s probably not a good pick for a sexually-confused Mormon choir boy.

Maybe there’ll be a major upset this week and he’ll hit the bottom two.

Also, Neil Diamond, I don’t care how long your career has been. Last night was painful. Ugh.

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I’m still not sure this is the solution

Airport food is evolving:

In the ambitious menu for Gordon Ramsay Plane Food, a restaurant that opened last month in the new Terminal 5 of London Heathrow Airport, Mr. Ramsay, the celebrity chef, has made few obvious concessions to the locale. A diner might start with a pea, leek and goat-cheese tart, followed by braised lamb with honey and cloves or steamed wild sea bass with lemongrass and white asparagus. And if the prospect of a belt-straining flight isn’t too alarming, there’s a Valrhona chocolate fondue with bananas, marshmallows and waffles for dessert. Three courses cost about £32 — or $64 — before wine or tip.

Now, I love good food and this all sounds wonderful, but I feel like there’s an opportunity for something in an airport that is better quality than a soggy sandwich or quesadilla spring rolls at the Chili’s To Go and a $64 3-course meal. In Europe, all the airport cafes have to-go sandwiches made on FRESH bread with non-slimy meat. How hard is that to pull off people?

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