Happy April Fools from My Mommy

My mother came through with the most disgusting April Fools email EVER this year. I wasn’t fooled, but I was nauseated, so she’s got that going for her…

I’m really sorry to tell you this, but after a total annoying snafu with the [Family redacted] yesterday, [Boy’s name redacted] and his “friend” Kelsey ended up spending the night here in your room.

I’d rather not go into “monthly” details, but your mattress is finito in my opinion. Any preferences for a new one if I can convince your dad that this is imperative? (He is in favor of just flipping the mattress.) HELP!

xxoo, M.



Filed under Funny, Gross, Never kid a kidder, That time of the Mom

3 responses to “Happy April Fools from My Mommy

  1. Anonymous

    your mom is my new favorite person.

  2. babara

    you know how everyone eventually turns into their mothers…

  3. Anonymous

    why would your mom think of you and a flipping mattress?

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