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Happy Friday! Japanese People Reenact "We Are the World"

Will’s headed back to Japan soon. Here’s a little tribute to remind him where he’s going…


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If you don’t work in online advertising… skip this one…

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There are probably worse ways to tell people…

STD E-cards! And you can send them anonymously! And, as I learned five minutes ago, people who get them may become paranoid:

i seriously thought it was going to eat my address book and tell all of my friends i have an std
thanks for that

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I sort of want to be friends with these girls…

Ellie’s in town this weekend though, so maybe we’ll make our own video with Barbara!

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New favorite commercial

Scorcese with AT&T

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Yes, this is a CHEST HAIR TOUPEE

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”If it hadn’t been for music, I’d have been a beautician…. Even if I wasn’t in show business, I would have wanted all the glamour — and that’s about the only way a girl in a small Southern town is going to get it, being a beautician. Or maybe I’d have been a missionary; I thought about that too, but where would I get my hair done?”

— To the Saturday Evening Post, 1989

Great Dolly Parton quotes at Entertainment Weekly

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